Released by MGMT Records

Mastered by Dave Fridmann
Mixed by Gentle Dom
Additional mixing by Loren Humphries

“The Fanta Se EP is a group of experiments in what I like to call ADM (asinine dance music), developed quickly and initially with limited resources in New Mexico during the Covid 19 lockdown of spring 2020. My asinine escapist fantasy while in the wilds of New Mexico, you see, was to be back on the dance floor in New York, closing my eyes and going as deep into the music as possible. I still don’t know when that might happen again. But maybe I’m being hard on myself, it’s not all foolin around. There’s some soul there if you look closely, I hope. With the help of a couple friends.”

–– gentle dom 


Erosika is the new independent musical project of Erika Jane Barrett– producer, musician, and sound artist from NYC. For a number of years, she has worked closely with La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela at their residence (The Dream House) in Tribeca. Her composition work has been exhibited and performed at Pioneer Works, Montez Press Radio, and The Rainbow Room.

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